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Athletes who professionally play in high demand sports like football and basketball are much prone to Knee tears. Specialised ligaments and tendons of the knee are damaged while twisting, pivoting tackling and unexpected movement of the joints in high-speed vehicle crashes or sports.

Athletes ...

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"Stem Cell Therapy for Nerve Pain"

Nerve pain is a result of damage to the central nervous system. While the cause of this pain is unknown, it can usually be triggered by infection, disease, or even injury. Many people tend to resort to surgery as their first option for treating nerve pain. Ho...

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"Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis"

More than 50 million people in the US have arthritis. While many have sought various treatment options, some are still yet to decide on the measure to take to combat the pain. If this condition is left untreated, it can control your life due to chronic joint...

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"Why People Prefer Stem Cell Treatment Over Surgery"

For many people with arthritis and persistent back pain, surgery might look like the only available option that can offer effective pain relief. However, while people might be aware of the risks that surgery carries, some could be unaware of...

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"Why Is There Such an Interest in Stem Cell Therapy?"

For years now, stem cell therapy has been a trending medical topic because it’s believed to be a much better, minimally invasive alternative to surgery. However, surgery is just but a little reason why this treatment option is growing in pop...

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"How Does the PRP Treatment Process Work?"

Qualified and polished specialists only administer PRP injections near me with the necessary license and experience in handling such treatments. Here at QC Kinetix (Mount Pleasant), we are proud to have a team of unparalleled specialists that deal in ...

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"Can My Body Reject Stem Cell Therapy?"

No! There are no risks of your body rejecting the treatment. At QC Kinetix (Mount Pleasant), our stem cell therapy for injuries is designed to be minimally invasive as compared to surgery. Take, for example, a knee injury. The stem cells used to treat a ...

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"What Are the Uses of PRP Treatment?"

While medical researchers are trying out these PRP injections across several applications for patents, here at QC Kinetix (Mount Pleasant), we are proud to provide patients with Mount Pleasant PRP treatments for various purposes.

We use these injections to...

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An Overview of PRP

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a substance found to promote healing when injected into the injured body part of a patient. Plasma is a common component of our blood that contains unique proteins suitable for stimulating your blood to clot during cuts or injuries. This plas...

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a month ago
The entire team at the Mount Pleasant, SC QC Kinetics was professional and set/met every expectation. My consult with Lauren was awesome in February. She talked to my wife over phone and answered her questions, as well. Marc and the treatment team were spot on. My experience has generated great results early on and I’m seeing continued improvements with my mobility and discomfort!! Thank you. - Mitch Witherspoon
- Robert W
3 months ago
My back is 100% better. Working with Marc and shay was great. They answered every question that I had!! Made me feel very comfortable and explain everything that was going on and how the treatment process would work. Thanks For relieving my back pain
- Jason W
6 months ago
After having had one hip replacement, when I started experiencing the same symptoms in the other hip, I knew I did not want to go through surgery again. So I turned to QC Kinetix. I’m very pleased with the outcome. It’s a process that at first I was nervous about because of the injections, but these folks were so polite and encouraging, they put me at ease. The injection process wasn’t as bad as I had imaged either! Overall, it was a good experience with no down time and I’m happy to avoid another surgery and all the rehabilitation. Thanks QC for making this so simple.
- Deborah C

Best Mount Pleasant Stem Cell Therapy

At QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant), we offer patients regenerative medicine in Mount Pleasant, a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. While interest in stem cell therapy in Mount Pleasant has accumulated many followers, many individuals still have no clue as to what it involves and, therefore, continue opting for traditional surgery to help solve their problems. However, our Mount Pleasant regenerative medicine serves to restore your body to its glorious state of well-being, using innovative regenerative medicine near me that yields long-lasting results.     

What Makes us Efficient and Reliable? 

At QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant), we provide all our options with a wide range of tailored medical services to meet each of their needs. Our clinic has assisted many people around the state with their problems and allowed them to go back to their pain-free lifestyles. Everyone experiences pain differently, and our job is to treat each individual with the attention and care that their situation deserves.    

Our specialists are patient and understanding with everyone and anyone who walks through our doors looking for help. They are also highly trained at stem cell treatment near me and come with the experience and knowledge to uniquely help each patient get back to a healthy lifestyle.     

Our services  
We provide a wide range of minimally invasive treatment services, including:   
  • Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)   
  • Regenerative Cell Therapy   
  • Laser Therapy   

Conditions We Treat   

At QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant), we focus our medical energy to help treat various conditions, including:   
  • Knee Pain   
  • Elbow Pain   
  • Shoulder pain   
  • Ankle Pain   
  • Low Back Pain   
  • Wrist Pain   
  • Hip Pain   
  • Carpal Tunnel   
  • Arthritis   
  • Foot/Hand Pain   
  • Finger/Toe Pain   
  • Low testosterone   
  • Nerve Pain   
  • Plantar Fasciitis   
  • Tendonitis   
  • Sciatica   
  • Tendon/Ligament/Muscle pain 
We Can Help   

If you’re 18 years of age and above and meet all health requirements, you can consult on any of your underlying problems. At QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant), our specialists are always ready to attend to your needs ensuring that they are treated using recommended treatment services available. Come in for a free consultation and allow us to help you start your journey to fast recovery. 

QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant)
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The best knee pain doctor in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC is QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) and they are happy to serve everyone in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC.

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